Damen Trading has become a respected broker with much experience

From the start of Damen Marine Services B.V. in 1974, vessels have been sold out of the operational charter fleet. It was during the mid-80s that a special department named Damen Trading & Chartering was founded especially to facilitate these activities. Gradually, Damen Trading began to expand its activities and began, not only to sell vessels from the Damen Marine Services charter fleet, but also began to act as an independent broker.

One of the first vessels sold by Damen Trading, which was not part of the Damen Marine Services charter fleet, was a Polycat 200 named Susanne. She was bought from a Dutch owner and sold to Angola. Since then over 500 vessels have been sold.

We have become internationally well-known and have developed a global network of shipowners, ship operators and co-brokers.

We are a respected broker with much experience, specialised in tugs and workboats, but also active in the sale of coasters, crewboats, patrol boats and passenger ferries amongst other vessel types.

Launch of Damen Trading in 1986:


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