6 March 2018

Transfer of ownership took place in respect to the workboat “Willchallenge” between previous owner Williams Shipping Marine UK and the new owner Atlantic Towage & Marine in Ireland.

Having acted as brokers for Williams Shipping Marine on 8 occasions over the past 19 years (in which we sold 5 vessels from their fleet and purchased 3) we can definitely emphasize the longstanding relationship between our two companies.

The fleet of new owner Atlantic Towage & Marine mainly consists of tugboats, pilot/crewboats and survey/guard vessels. Undoubtedly, this multipurpose workboat is a good addition to their present fleet, in addition to the Damen Stan Launch 53 that we sold to them in 2013, enabling them to assist customers even more.

We wish them fair winds!

Check our remaining workboats here.


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