5 March 2018

Jan van der Heyde

We have sold the dedicated firefighting vessel “Jan van der Heyde III” from the Dutch municipality Amsterdam to a Dutch buyer.

The vessel was traded-in with Damen Shipyards against the new firefighting vessel “Jan van der Heyde IV”, built and delivered by Damen Shipyards in 2017.

Since her christening in 1983, she had been in service for the municipality. The Jan van der Heyde III is exceptional because of her low airdraft, necessary to be able to navigate the Amsterdam channels, spanning a total of 75 kilometers. She has a total firefighting capacity of 16.000 liters per minute at 10 bar.

She was named after the Dutch painter, engineer and inventor who made significant contributions to contemporary firefighting technology. Jan van der Heyden improved the fire hose in 1672, he modified the manual fire engine, re-organised the volunteer fire brigade (1685) and wrote and illustrated the first firefighting manual. A comprehensive street lighting scheme for Amsterdam, designed and implemented by Van der Heyden, remained in operation from 1669 until 1840 and was adopted as a model by many other towns and abroad (Wikipedia).

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