17 May 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have sold two pilot boats of Sima Shipsales/Sima Charters, being the “S.C. Cheetah” and the “S.C. Lynx”, to our customer Atlantic Pilotage Authority in Canada who operate their vessels out of Halifax.

Two waterjet propelled pilot boats were sold to Canada


These are the first waterjet-propelled pilot boats for them and Sima Charters will arrange full training on location in order to get the crew accustomed with this specific type of propulsion, which requires a different approach from the skipper.

The new owner was extremely satisfied about the condition of both vessels and of the way the project was handled by Sima Shipsales (through their Sima Charters desk) and Damen Trading. From the initial enquiry until the final transfer of ownership last Monday we have assisted both parties in every aspect of this sale and purchase.

The transfer of ownership took place at the Sima Charters office, where owners’ wife Mrs. Lievaart and Mr. Griffiths of the Atlantic Pilotage Authority signed the delivery documents.

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