Used Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

Priced to sell, prompt available, otherwise she will be scrapped.
  • Folio


  • Type

    Trailing suction hopper dredger

  • Built

    10-1989, IHC the Netherlands

  • Draft

    5.71 mtrs max.

  • L/S Air draft

    30.92 mtrs

  • Freeboard

    1105 mm

  • Tonnage

    3325 GRT / 997 NRT / 4752 DWT

  • Propulsion

    2x controllable pitch props, type Lips

  • Main engines

    2x Mirrlees Blackstone, type 8MB275 – (8 cylinders in line)

  • Output

    Total 4294 hp @ 750 rpm

  • Fuel consumption

    Fuel consumption at full load: 145gr/HP/hr

  • Main alternators

    2x Indar LSB-710-S, output 1875 kVA, 1500 kW

    3x 660V, 3ph 50Hz @ 750rpm

  • Auxiliary alternators


    Caterpillar 3412

    Power 578 hp 431 kW @1500rpm


    Indar LSB-400-S

    500kVA – 400kW

    3x 415V - 50Hz, n=1500

  • Emergency alternator


    Caterpillar 3306B DI


    Indar LSB-280-S

    125kVA – 100kW

    3x 415V - 50Hz, n=1500

  • Speed

    Max. 12.7 knots

  • Bow thruster

    Electrically driven bow thruster unit with fixed pitch propeller

    Motor: Indar LSB-355-L 340 kW, 3x 660V, 50Hz, n=1500

  • Hopper capacity

    4900 tons

  • Cargo hold volume

    2666 m3

  • Loading

    Inboard dredge pump & motors

    850mm Californian draghead and 850mm dia suction pipe

    Pipe handled overboard by 3 x hydraulic winches

    Distributing to cargo hopper via two rotating screen towers

  • Dredging depth

    Max 32 meters

  • Dredge pump

    IHC maker. Double-walled dredge pump casing.

    Single stage, centrifugal type.

    Impeller operating within the inner housing of the double-walled pump casing assembly.

    Impeller diameter (across the blades): 2350mm

    Internal width of the impeller: 425mm

  • Dredge pump motors (2x)

    Type: LSB-630-L, output 1230 kW, 3x 660V – 50Hz, n=750/1250

  • Discharge system

    Bucket Wheel (hydraulic driven)

    Consisting of 8 x 800ltr buckets.

    Travels on rails across the length of the cargo hopper.

  • Average discharge rate

    1200 tons/hr

  • Conveyor Details

    1x Ladder conveyor

    1x Cross conveyor

    1x Long deck conveyor

    1x Incline conveyor

    1x Boom conveyor (18 meters centres, 0° to 30° inclination)

  • Nav./comm. equipment

    As per class regulations

  • Class

    Bureau Veritas I ✠Hull ✠Mach Hopper Dredger, Coastal Area ✠AUT-UMS, ✠MACH

  • Survey status

    Class about to expire

  • Position


  • Price category (€)
    2.000.000 - 4.000.000

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