Barely used Damen CSD 500 for sale

This young cutter dredger now direct available in the Middle East.
  • Folio


  • Built


  • Dimensions

    41.55 x 7.95 mtrs

  • Draft

    1.00 mtr

  • Airdraft

    6.70 mtrs

  • Total weight

    147.5 tons

  • Tonnage

    GT 92/ NT 28

  • Main engine

    Caterpillar, type 3512B

  • Output

    954 kW at 1600 rpm

  • Auxiliary diesel

    Caterpillar, type 3406

  • Prime power rate

    345 kW at 1800 rpm

  • Hydraulic installation

    Driving cutter, winches and spuds

  • Electrical installation

    24 V DC and 230/400 V AC, 34 kVA

  • Dredge pump


  • Diameter

    Suction/discharge pipe 550/500 mm

  • Spherical passage pump

    230 mm

  • Cutter type

    5-1625 (with changeable chisels)

  • Cutter power

    180 kW

  • Cutter diameter

    1.625 mm

  • Dredging depth

    14 mtrs

  • Fuel capacity

    22.0 m3

  • Ballast water

    8.0 m3 (4x)

  • Hydraulic oil

    2.5 m3

  • Ladder hoisting

    Hydraulic winch, 120 kN, 0-15 m/min

  • Side wire winches (2x)

    Hydraulic, 120 kN, 0-15 m/min

  • Spuds (2x)

    Ø 610 mm, length 19 m

  • Spud hosting (2x)

    Hydraulic cylinder, stroke 1.5 m

  • Spud carrier


  • Anchor boom winches (2x)

    Hydraulic, 40 kN, 0-25 m/min

  • Instrumentation

    Dredging depth indicator
    Vacuum and pressure indication of dredge pump

  • Class

    Bureau Veritas hull statement available

  • Remarkable features

    Anchor booms with anchors
    Spud carriage
    Crew day accommodation unit with small galley, seating.
    Dismountable design which allows transport by road.
    Heavy duty robust design.
    Simultaneous operation of all functions possible.
    Spacious ergonomically designed control cabin and engine room.
    One operator can control the entire dredger from the control cabin.
    Operators cabin with air conditioning and heating.
    Scantlings well in excess of class regulations.

  • Position

    Middle East

  • Price category (€)
    2.000.000 - 4.000.000

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