Used Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger

Well maintained trailing suction hopper dredger for aggregate dredging.
  • Folio


  • Built

    1989, Merwede Shipyards, the Netherlands

  • Dimensions

    ± 99.00/94.50 x 16.30 x 8.60 mtrs

  • Draft

    6.40 m (moulded on international winter freeboard)

  • Tonnage

    Deadweight 5715 tons / GRT 3751

  • Propulsion

    Lips, Controllable pitch propeller

  • Main engine

    Mirrlees, type K8 Major

  • Output

    5200 bhp at 600 rpm

  • Alternators

    3 Phase 660 Volt alternator driven by main engine

  • Gearbox

    Lohmann & Stolterfoht, type GCS 710, output 200 rpm

  • Speed

    ± 12 knots

  • Auxilliary engine

    Caterpillar 750 hp, 500kW, 415 Volt

  • Harbour set

    Cummins, type 6 CT 8.3, 1500 rpm

  • Generator

    120 kW, 3x 415 V

  • Emergency set

    Air-cooled engine driving 42 kW, 3x 415 V

  • Bow thruster

    Electrically driven, transverse thrust of approx. 5 tons

  • Hopper capacity

    ± 2500 m3

  • Loading and unloading time

    The dredge equipment will be capable of loading the 2500 m3 with material or density 2.18 (saturated) in ± 180 minutes and unload through a horizontal straight pipeline, 500 mtrs ling of 685 mm internal diameter in ± 180 minutes.

  • Diameter suction pipe

    850 mm suction / 800 mm discharge

  • Suction pipe

    Suction pipe is suspended from three hinged type gantries.
    The intermediate and draghead gantries will be of the “A” frame type and the trunnion gantry of the parallelogram type.

  • Draghead

    California type

  • Discharge capacity

    The unloader is designed to unload gravel, all in sand and gravel and sand in drained condition at an overall average rate of 1000 m3/hr. The dredged material may contain lumps up to 100 mm but 90% will be minus 50 mm with up to 50% sand. The material density, in drained condition, is 1850 kgs/m3 for gravel and 1600 kgs/m3 for sand.

  • Secondary discharge

    By means of a suction channel in hopper, with side connection (fairly easy to create bow connection)

  • Dredging depth

    ± 33.00 mtrs with suction pipe at 45 degree angle.

  • Dredge pump

    Seadrec double wall type dredge pump, driven by electric motor 2200 kW, 600V through vertically stepped reduction gearbox.

  • Dredging instruments

    Mixture velocity transmitter
    Radioactive mixture density transmitter

  • Deck cranes

    3x Electrically driven deck crane fitted. On port and one starboard on the bucket wheel discharge gear travelling carriage and one at forward side of deck house.
    One crane arranged for servicing buckets of the bucket wheel.
    Port crane capacity 7 tonnes at 7 meter.
    Starboard crane 3 tonnes at 7 meter.
    Deck house front crane capacity 2 tonnes at 5 meters.

  • Hopper flushing pump

    2x hopper flushing pump, each 600 m3/hr

  • Hopper dump valves

    This dredger also has hopper dump valves and the facility to pump ashore so depending on their use or application, although she does not have dump doors, she is still a very versatile vessel.

    At present she is used for aggregate dredging and achieves load-line exemption (the ability to load the vessel beyond the normal draft line), by the facility of having the dump valves. In the event of an emergency, cargo can be dumped or dropped out of the hopper if this is ever necessary.

  • Tank capacities

    Fuel oil

    450 m3

    Fresh water

    75 m3

    Lub oil

    10 m3

    Dirty oil

    5 m3

  • Accommodation

    For 14 persons in total.
    On A-deck: 6 single cabins with toilets, contractor’s cabin
    On B-deck: chief engineer’s cabin, spare chief engineer’s cabin, 2nd engineer cabin, 3rd engineer cabin
    On C-deck: captain’s cabin, spare captain’s cabin, mates cabin, 2nd mates cabin.
    Mess-room, recreation room, galley

  • Nav./comm. equipment

    As per class regulations.

  • Class

    Lloyds Register ✠100 A1 Hopper Dredger; dredging draft Tm of 7.02 metres in sea states with Hs <2.6 meters ✠LMC, UMS

  • Survey status

    Certificates valid until 02-05-2025

  • Remark

    Vessel in full operational and well maintained condition.

  • Position


  • Price category (€)
    4.000.000 - 6.000.000

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