DAMEN Cutter Suction Dredger 450 'Kingfisher'

Small used cutter suction dredger CSD 450 for sale.
  • Folio
  • Built
    09-2016, Damen Shipyards
  • Length o.a. incl. ladder
    33.15 mtrs
  • Length over pontoons
    22.60 mtrs
  • Beam
    6.97 mtrs
  • Draft

    1.15 mtrs with 50% bunkers

  • Air draft
    6.10 mtrs
  • Total weight
    115 tons
  • Dredge pump

    make Damen Dredging equipment, type BP45-1100

  • Cutter power

    110 kW

  • Cutter type

    make Damen Dredging Equipment, crown model, 5 blades, diameter 1500 mm, narrow chisels (changeable)

  • Diam. Suction/discharge

    450/450 mm

  • Dredge pump engine

    Caterpillar C-32 TTA

  • Output

    709 kW at 1600 rpm

  • Gearbox

    The dredge pump is driven using a reduction gear, ratio 2.96 : 1

  • Auxiliary engine

    Caterpillar C-09 TA

  • Output

    232 kW at 1800 rpm

  • Hydraulic installation

    Driving cutter, winches and spuds

  • Electrical installation

    24 V DC and 230/400 V AC, 35.4 kVA

  • Dredging depth

    min. 1.5 mtrs, ladder angle 2.5 degrees
    max. 12 mtrs, ladder angle 45 degrees

  • Maximum swing width

    34 mtrs, 2x 40 degree wing angle

  • Mixture capacity

    3.000 m3/hr

  • Deck equipment

    ladder winch, hydraulic, 8 tons on first layer, 0-15 m/min.
    swing winches (2x), each hydraulic 8tons on first layer, 0-15 m/min.
    spuds (2x), Ø 508 mm, 16 mtrs long
    spud hoisting (2x), stroke of spud cylinder 1500 mm, stroke of spud
    pole approx. 2.250 mm
    2x anchors 50 kg each, type High Holding Dredger

  • Instrumentation

    Ladder position indicator, indicating the dredging depth.
    Clearly visible from the operating cabin.
    Vacuum and pressure indication of dredge pump.

  • Control cabin

    A spacious dismountable control cabin fitted with heating and air-conditioning. Below the front window another small window is placed for optimal view on the winches.

  • Tank capacities

    fuel oil

    18.1 m3

    hydraulic oil

    1.5 m3

  • Accommodation

    Day accommodation only.

  • Instrumentation

    Dredging depth indicator
    Vacuum and pressure indication of dredge pump

  • Class

    Built under Bureau Veritas class.

  • Remark

    Special features:
    - dismountable and heavy duty design
    - possible to operate all functions simultaneously
    - spacious ergonomic designed control cabin and engine room
    - operators cabin with air-conditioning and heating
    - scantlings well in excess of class regulations

  • Position

    The Netherlands

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