DAMEN Stan Pontoon 6020

Non-propelled deck cargo, used RoRo pontoon in stock for deep sea, coastal waters, harbours and inland waters.
  • Folio
  • Built
    2015, Damen Shipyards
  • Length moulded
    60,00 mtrs
  • Beam moulded
    20,00 mtrs
  • Depth moulded
    4,00 mtrs
  • Draft max.
    3,20 mtrs
  • Deadweight

    2800 tons (excl. optional equipment)

  • Free deck space
    1175 m2
  • Deck load
    20 tons/m2
  • Deck thickness

    16 mm extra heavy deck

  • Void spaces
    19 pcs: 4375 m3
  • Sea water temperature
    0° to +35°C
  • Outside air temperature
    -5° to +45°C
  • Towing brackets

    One on PS and one on SB at foredeck

  • Fair leads

    At the foreside of the towing brackets “Smit Type”, SWL 71 tons

  • Bollards

    6 pcs standard, insert plates at every section

  • Draft marks

    At fore, mid and aft on PS and SB every 20 cm

  • Boarding ladders

    2 on SB and 2 on PS in recesses of the hull

  • Cathodic protection

    Zinc anodes on underwater part of the hull

  • Manholes

    Flush bolted manholes

  • Emergency towing

    Flush mounted towing pin in the bow

  • Ramp recess

    RoRo ramp recess at bow and stern (both 8 x 1.5 m)

  • Lifting eyes

    Four lifting eyes flush with main deck and covered with bolted steel plates to lift the pontoon

  • Fendering
    Tyre fender system
  • Towing arrangement

    Chains and towing bridle

  • Emergency towing

    Emergency towing wire with buoy

  • Navigation lighting

    Navigation lights according to the standard for international towage

  • Railing

    Removable stanchions with wire guard rails

  • Anchor/mooring system

    On foreship one anchor/mooring winch equipped with warping head, mooring lines, anchor and steel cable

  • Recovery winch

    Hand-operated including wire

  • Twist locks

    4 twist locks, suitable to place a 10 ft container

  • Class

    Lloyd’s Register ✠100 AT Pontoon IWS for non-propelled and unmanned vessels

  • Area of operation

    Deep sea, Coastal waters, Harbours, Inland waters

  • Position
    On request

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